Eye Lashes

Individual Semi permenant eye lash extensions: 

These come in a variety of 5 different thicknesses and 10 different length so that we can give you the perfect prescription for a fantastic enhancement.

From ultra fine to the super thick we can provide a perfect set of eye lash extensions to suit your needs.

The glue that is used means that our semi permenant lashes last up to 5 weeks.

To keep your lashes looking full we would recommend that you have an eye lash infil every 2-3 weeks.

Full Set of Lashes is £45.00 (60 minutes)

2 -3 week infil of lashes Appointment is £24.00 (40 minutes)


This is a new technique of applying up to 6 superfine lashes to each eye lash in a fanned position in order to create a full volume look. Perfect for people who would like to create the illusion of fuller lashes.

Full Set of 6d lashes is 90 mins £58.00

Infils are £34 50 mins 

Flare Lashes (party lashes)

These lashes are cluster lashes that are applied to your own lashes and last 3-5 days.

Full set of flare lashes £16.00 (20 mins)

Eye lash Lifting - A technique of lifting the natural lashes -giving a more volume and curl with a tint £30